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Innovators, not imitators.
Below is a summarized timeline of some key moments in our company’s history:


1941 Foundation of company De Vree by Mr. Jos de Vrée on 21st January.
1941 De Vree sells its 1st filling machine, the weight filler V1.
1950 De Vree sells its 1st automatic weight filler, type V89.
1953 De Vree purchases premises at Toekomstlaan.
1959 De Vree sells its 1st volume filler with 5 L dosing mechanism.
1963 De Vree sells its 1st automatic volume filler.
1973 De Vree sells the 1.000th filling machine type V1.
1981 Mr. Jos de Vrée retires at the 40th anniversary of company De Vree.
1982 Founder of company De Vree, Mr. Jos de Vree, dies.
1986 Second generation de Vrée, Mr. Paul de Vrée, becomes the new owner.
1991 De Vree acquires additional filling technology from company Netzsch Newamatic.
De Vree sells its 1st complete filling line (incl. cartoning and palletising equipment) to
company Toa Paint in Thailand.
1996 De Vree introduces the Vreefill, the successor of the original flagship the V1.
1997 De Vree sells its 500th automatic volume filler type V136.
1999 De Vree introduces a new line of automatic filling machines: the V300 series.
2002 De Vree sells its 4.000th filling machine.
2003 The ownership of company De Vree changes due to a management buy-out.
2007 De Vree lands a major order for 7 filling machines from Du Pont in China.
2011 De Vree lands a major order for 8 filling lines from Asian Paints in India.