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De Vree designs and manufactures predominantly volumetric and gravimetric filling machines, both semi and fully automatic.

Whether a volumetric or gravimetric filling machine is chosen is subject to various factors such as the type of product that needs to be filled, the type of container that needs to be handled, the desired degree of automation, the filling output/minute which is requested etc.  

More than 90% of our customers use volumetric filling machines. Volumetric filling offers a number of advantages over gravimetric filling : it is much faster, more flexible and, given the right circumstances, can be more accurate than weight filling.

Apart from volumetric and gravimetric filling machinery, De Vree offers alternative filling methods, such as filling with mass flow meters.

De Vree offers a wide range of equipment, from very simple semi-automatic machines to quite sophisticated automatic filling lines with automatic infeed systems of the empty containers, filling, lid placing, lid closing, as well as automatic cartoning and palletizing equipment.

Some examples: